Every time you go home, parents should not be too excited, if you are more excited than the dog after you go home, you will infect the dog, so that they obviously feel that the parents are very happy to go home, so that they will be more reluctant to be at home alone.

You can also often pretend to go out, and then come home after a few seconds or minutes, so that the dog can slowly get used to the family’s coming and going, so that they are not excited every time.



You can also prepare some interesting and favorite toys for the dog in advance, these toys usually do not give it to play, only when the parents want to go out can give it, so that going out is a certain positive impact on the dog, but also to prevent it from being bored at home.

Train the dog’s obedience awareness more, through simple training, let the dog learn to follow the parent’s instructions, so that the dog becomes more well-behaved, and they will not ask for someone to accompany them because they always shout.