1. Afghan Hounds

Don’t look at how graceful it is, in fact, the intelligence level of the Afghan Hound is ranked last in today’s dog intelligence rankings! Experiments have shown that Afghan hounds have a very difficult time in training to cope with daily instructions, and neither movements nor their owners’ passwords can be learned in short training.


2. Bashinji

The Bassangi is ranked second to last in the dog intelligence rankings and has no features other than having excellent athletic attributes. In the training, the learning ability of the Basangi dog is also worrying, comparable to the Afghan hound, and it is really big


3. The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a breed of dogs born for “bullfighting”, with the endurance and physical strength of a purebred bulldog, and also has excellent socialization ability, but unfortunately God opened a window for the English Bulldog but closed the door. Their IQ ranks third from the bottom in the world’s dog intelligence rankings, if it were not for their cute appearance and great sense of humor, I am afraid that few people would be happy to keep them for a long time…


About the breed classification and ranking of dogs are the personal opinions of the editor, small partners with more ideas are welcome to share and discuss in the comment area, thank you for watching!