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1. Exhalation sounds

The sound is similar to coughing or something like a throat, and when the dog exhales in a big mouth, it is a reminder to the owner, hoping that you can help him do what he wants to do, such as going out to play and eating hungry.

2. The high-pitched dog barks

When the dog makes a high-pitched bark while wagging its tail at you, it means that they are very excited and excited now, and they will be very happy when you are helping him after the urging

3. Stare at people and bark

This kind of time is to represent its angry mood, usually this time to see the usual tooth low roar situation is different, it must be really angry to do so, but also will have a certain aggressiveness, when we encounter this situation must be good to comfort the dog, do not let it hurt people.

4. Whisper

If the dog whispers to you, it means that they feel aggrieved or unhappy, when encountering this kind of barking, you must think carefully about what you have done to be sorry for it, such as not feeding, not taking it out to play, being overly reprimanded by you, or the toy being confiscated by you.

5. Hiss

There is a popular terrier on the Internet called “Boo-boo”, indicating that this group of people will be particularly spoiled, and dogs are no exception, think about it carefully, when the dog is still a small dog, it often makes a hissing call, which is particularly cute, and when the dog grows up, this barking will still appear, and they are very eager to get the care of the owner by spoiling the owner.

There are many kinds of barking dogs, and even some dogs will make some sounds beyond imagination, which is very puzzling… So complex “dog language” in fact, we do not need to deliberately learn, we just need to know that the dog’s love for us is unconditional, then our love for the dog can also be mutual and simple, and finally hope that every dog can live happily every day!

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