Dogs are born without teeth, grow to three to five weeks old to grow deciduous teeth together, and then as they grow slowly, the deciduous teeth will slowly fall out and the permanent teeth will slowly grow out. Therefore, during the teeth change period of puppies, it is normal for the deciduous teeth to loosen.

In addition to the normal loss of teeth in puppies, it may be loose caused by tooth injuries in dogs, and if there are other causes of tooth loosening, they are generally related to oral diseases, usually periodontitis or periodontal infection.



If the dog is not cleaned with teeth and mouth, plaque and tartar will continue to accumulate around the teeth, which will cause periodontal disease over time. If left untreated, bacterial and fungal infections can affect the alveoli, and eventually the dog’s teeth will become loose and fall out.

This situation is more serious, you need to take the dog to the hospital for dental cleaning, remove tartar and plaque from the mouth. In the future, when raising dogs, remember to brush your teeth regularly, otherwise you will still have oral and dental problems because of inadequate cleaning.