What’s interesting about cats

They keep their head level when chasing prey

Cats have an amazing way of catching their prey. They chase while keeping their head level. On the contrary, dogs bob their head up and down when chasing prey.




They spend most of their lives sleeping

A cat can sleep for about two-thirds of her day. It is believed that the cat will use its sleeping hours to restore the energy it used during the day. So, if a cat lives for nine years, it means that it has been asleep for six good years.




A cat can make 100 sounds

This is compared to the dog, which can only make ten sounds. If you would be able to note every single sound that a cat makes, you’d be astonished.

What’s interesting about dogs

Dogs are not actually completely colorblind

Not only do they see in shades of gray but they can also see distinct colors, just not as well as we do. Many experts believe that dogs have fewer retinal cone cells and because of this, they are red-green colorblind. Dogs are dichromatic, which means they only see two primary colors – blue and yellow.




Potty Training

All puppies have accidents during the night and are unable to control or ‘hold it in’ overnight until they are about four months old. Which, takes a lot less time than toilet training a baby.




Dogs have an amazing internal clock

hey know exactly when it’s time to go for a walk, to play, to eat and to go to bed. They know when it’s time for you to get up in the morning and when you are expected home from work, particularly if you keep to a regular schedule. You might want to considering using your dog as your morning alarm clock!




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