How to soothe a cat with a stress response?

There are many kinds of symptoms of cat stress response, not only will there be strange movements and affect appetite, etc., but also will lead […]

Get a brief understanding of the characteristics of muppet cats

With more and more people who want to keep pets, high-value muppet cats have become the favorite of many people, and raising cats can not […]

Why cats suddenly attack people

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Tips for bathing and cleaning your cat at home

 Most cats are reluctant to bathe because they get their fur wet, but even if the cat licks its hair every day, it looks neat […]

How Much Water Does an Adult Cat Need to Drink?

Cats need fresh drinking water every day to stay in optimal health. Water is essential for helping the kidneys flush out toxins from the blood. […]

What You Need to Know About Homemade Cat Food

Pet parents may consider cooking at home for their pet for many different reasons. This may include concerns related to pet food recalls, health conditions […]

What happens to cats eat oranges?

It’s not good for cats to eat oranges, eating too many oranges may have diarrhea. Cats don’t like the orange flavor and generally don’t take […]

Changes after the neutering of male cats

 The changes in male cats after sterilization have a better temper, they will not urinate randomly, and they will not think about going out all […]

What should I do if I have permethrin poisoning in cats?

Bromethrin is an insecticide that helps control parasites such as fleas and ticks. Sadly, there have been many examples of permethrin poisoning in cats, often […]

The 5 quietest cat breeds, raise them no longer afraid of noise

There are significant differences between different breeds of cats. Not only are their physical characteristics different, but each breed has a unique set of personality […]