10 Smartest Dog Breeds

There are a lot of intelligent dogs in the world, but there are some breeds that are especially known for their high intelligence. There are […]

How important is the hair for the dog!

Click here: I recommend a dog haircutting tool: Christies Direct. Before shearing VS after shearing Well, it seems that cutting hair was the right decision. […]

The world’s three greatest stupid dogs

Speaking of silly dogs, or three small ones, in the eyes of our countrymen, it is the three fools of sleds (husky, Alaska, Samoyed). But […]

Teach you to pick out good dog food in one minute

Click here: Dog food recommended to choose the first one: Zooplus Click here: Dog food recommended to choose the second one: Dr Marty Dog Food […]

Coronavirus is worrying, how to protect pet dogs?

  The coronavirus is worrying, how exactly do shovelers protect pet dogs? The scope of the coronavirus is getting bigger and bigger, the number is […]

Black-footed cat, a brand new version you’ve heard of

We can’t judge the cat with full attack attributes, and the cat with full appearance, body shape and combat effectiveness must be a black-footed cat. […]

If you have a cat owner at home, don’t plant these plants

As we all know, cats are very naughty little animals, and if there are strange things in the house, they can’t help but be curious […]

Dogs are ranked in the top 20 in TERMS

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Three of the most misunderstood behaviors in cats

Cats and cats are a creature that we love and hate, when it is in a good mood and willing to cooperate with you, you […]

Cats also know to respect the old and love the young

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